January 28, 2011

Ken® Campaigns to Win Barbie® Back, Part 3

Will Barbie® Take Ken® Back?

Ken® has done it again!

His latest stunt? Posting billboards in New York City and Los Angeles, asking Barbie® to get back together. He's blasting messages like We May Be Plastic But Our Love is Real! at Santa Monica and Sawtelle in LA, and I Want You Back! at Spring Street and Hudson Street in NYC. Tell us where you've seen Ken's love letters to Barbie!

PLUS, Ken knows Barbie loves sweet treats and was recently spotted at the iconic Magnolia Bakery in New York City where he customized a cupcake for the doll he’s sweet on.

We hear Ken’s creation has all of Barbie’s fave flavors and colors (classic vanilla or chocolate cake iced in shades of pink buttercream and sparkling sugar crystals, topped with a white chocolate heart inscribed with a special message – “You’re The Only Doll For Me!”)

Does it get any sweeter than this? It does if you live in NYC or LA where you can enjoy one of these sweet treats for yourself. The Barbie cupcake (designed by Ken) will be available at all NYC and LA Magnolia Bakery locations starting January 28 to February 14. Click here for store locations.

And, have you watched the cool new reality web series called Genuine Ken: The Search for the Great American Boyfriend, on hulu.com?

Which hunky hottie do YOU think should win the title of the “Great American Boyfriend?” Will it be sensitive and artsy Derek, confident cutie Keith, or Italian party boy Michael? Post your comments here!

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