February 11, 2011

Ken® Campaigns to Win Barbie® Back, Part 5

Will Barbie® Take Ken® Back?

Dating a style icon can't be easy, and Ken® knows better than anyone. In his quest to win Barbie® back by Valentine's Day, Ken’s getting a head to toe style makeover from several of today's leading menswear designers.

Word on the street is that six of the top menswear designers in the world curated looks for a specific dream date inspired by Ken. These fashion forward looks will be on display at Christie’s during New York Fashion Week (Feb 13 – Feb 21).

Ken’s dream date looks for every occasion will be designed by:


Obviously Ken is cleaning up, looking stylish and talkin’ smooth! Should Barbie take Ken back? Only time will tell, but don’t forget to weigh in at BarbieandKen.com.

Which is your fave Ken look of all time? Post your comments here!

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