May 7, 2014

The Latest Hollywood Craze: Dystopian Chic!

By Matt Stevens

Who doesn’t love an exciting film franchise? Countless moviegoers do, me included! Some stories are just too epic to be contained in one flick — whether they feature vampires, wizards, elves, or superheroes — so we hit the multiplex again and again for the continuing adventures of our favorite characters.

Today, one of the hottest trends in film franchises is post-apocalyptic actioners! The Hunger Games and Divergent movies, adapted from the best-selling young-adult novels, have earned millions of fans and bazillions at the box office. The courageous leads have even achieved acclaimed collector status with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire dolls and Divergent dolls.

Before diving into the books and movies, I assumed dysfunctional futuristic societies would only have dull, drab fashions. Quelle bleak! But then I realized these dystopian tales are actually allegories for the adolescent experience, with themes of rebellion, competition, popularity, and budding romance. Another important part of the teenage journey is expressing oneself through fashion, and these young warriors score major points in the style arena.

Just check out Katniss, Peeta, and Finnick in sleek black bodysuits with matching boots and accessories inspired by the films. Effie also burns up the Catching Fire haute couture scene in a metallic blue dress with golden accents.

Not to be outdone, the Divergent dolls are ready to face adversity in fashion-forward looks with fierce “leather” panels. Tris pairs a fitted, detailed ensemble with cool coiled boots, while Four sports intricate body art beneath his signature training uniform.

An extra advantage of sci-fi franchises is anticipating what amazing outfits the characters will wear in future installments. We’ll find out when The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 premieres this fall and Part 2 follows next year. Plus, Divergent devotees can catch the highly anticipated sequel, Insurgent, in theaters spring 2015.

But you don’t have to wait to enjoy The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Divergent dolls. These must-have movie collectibles are available right now, just a click away at our online store!

What’s your favorite character or doll from the movies? Please share below.

Matt Stevens is a twice-published author and sold screenwriter who specializes in movies and pop culture. A former producer for E! Entertainment Television, he now writes about film for their website, E! Online, and contributes to numerous new-media outlets. Since his first games-writing gig for, Matt has been tickled pink to work on and before joining the BC blogger team.

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