June 1, 2012

Globally Gorgeous! New Dolls of the World from Chile, Holland, India, and Mexico

The Spring 2012 Barbie® Collector line included a breath of fresh air with the newly minted Dolls of the World® Collection. China and Ireland were represented in nods to popular entries in the remarkable 30-year history of the collection. Australia made a long-awaited return, and Argentina was represented for the first time.

The styles, designed to delight experienced and newer collectors alike, brought a carefree essence to the globetrotting series. It also created a silent challenge – where would Dolls of the World go next, with this classic travelogue inspired motif?

Principal Designer Linda Kyaw and team are ready to unveil the answer, with the official debut of Chile Barbie Doll, Holland Barbie Doll, Mexico Barbie Doll, and India Barbie Doll!

Heading into the new line, Linda says she found the process “more efficient, but more enjoyable to work on overall. The first set of anything usually is to make an impact, the second is always to do something slightly different with the essence of the first.”

Again spanning four continents, there are “points of creative difference” for each doll, while they all still blend in smoothly with the rest of the line. They also feature the same packaging as the previous 2012 dolls, with a storage compartment for keepsakes from your travels.

“Working on a ‘travel-based’ doll line is a funny thing, because you do so much research that you inevitably feel like you’ve already set foot there,” Linda notes. “Of course ideally, I’d love to visit a new country every month and soak up all the local culture for real!”

Linda herself is planning her first trip to Mexico later this year, and hopes to go to India next. Where will the Dolls of the World take you? Go to the online shop to see more photos, and chart your own fashion voyage!

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