November 26, 2013

Pony Tales, Premieres, and Digital Dresses in Hot Off the Barbie Press!

Highlighting a fabulous new DVD movie debuting, and hot new tech-inspired treats for the holidays, it’s time for another edition of Hot Off the Barbie Press!

Barbie Digital Dress and Digital Makeover Mirror
Two of the items hitting the top of shoppers’ holiday lists this year are the Barbie Digital Dress Doll and the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror. USA Today and Gizmodo both ran pieces on these tech-savvy gifts.

Hair Play and  “A Pony Tale”
The sweetness meter went off the charts when model Alessandra Ambrosio shared pics of herself and her five-year-old daughter, Anja, watching the new Barbie and Her Sisters in A Pony Tale DVD, and having a fun hair play day. Refinery29, PopSugar, E! Online, People en Español, and Perez Hilton all featured pics from their play day.

DVD Launch Party
Star Magazine
and OK! Magazine both covered the DVD Launch Party for Barbie and Her Sisters in A Pony Tale, and snapped pics of Real Housewives star Aviva Drescher with her precious 3-year-old daughter on the red carpet.

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