August 1, 2014

Skipper® Surprise Exclusive!

Fans of Skipper ® doll, her friends and family, are enjoying a fantastic 2014, celebrating her 50th anniversary! Barbie® Collector started the birthday bash with the adorable 50th Anniversary Skipper Doll. Skipper wears a perfect recreation of 1965’s “Happy Birthday” fashion. Naturally, any party dress that comes with a cake and candles is cause for celebration!

The birthday girl also made sure to enclose a special invitation just for you. Guess what happened—Skipper became an instant sold-out collector hit! Birthday wishes came from all over the world as Skipper doll’s ardent fans rejoiced over the anniversary of Barbie’s fun younger sister! Skipper® 50th Anniversary Doll is a perfect reminder of why we adore Skipper—not to mention the thrill of a childhood birthday party!

Now, because the outpouring of joy was so momentous, the celebration continues. Skipper® 50th Anniversary Doll is back as an exclusive, special-edition brunette! It’s party time all over again, so let’s light the candles and get ready to sing “Happy Birthday” to the lovely new Skipper doll. She’s just as delightful and sweet as her blonde counterpart, except she has gorgeous, swingy chocolate-brown hair to frame her darling face!

The new ensemble also includes all of the wonderful party accessories that were featured with the original set. Impeccable white gloves and a boater hat make this festive outfit the perfect attire for a little lady at an outdoor party!

Skipper doll has enchanted us for years in fashions that reflect what little girls have worn in the past five decades. She’s appeared in a variety of fun trends, but most important, she’s always been like our very own kid sister. Sassy and spirited, she’s our Skipper, and we love having her in our collections. The exclusive new brunette Skipper® 50th Anniversary Doll is just a click away at our online store!

Write back and tell us about the Skipper doll that holds a special place in your heart!

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