January 2, 2013

Spain Barbie® Doll Will Dance Into Your Heart

The Dolls of the World® Collection gets a touch of dramatic flair with the addition of this brunette beauty. ¡Qué linda! (How beautiful!)

To paraphrase an old song, Spain Barbie® Doll, we adore you! This gorgeous Barbie® doll represents beautiful España, so come along on a quick tour of her captivating country, no luggage required!

Located in the southeast of Europe, the largely Mediterranean climate makes Spain a top vacation destination for travelers from all over the world. You can soak up the sun on a southern coastline beach, or even hit the slopes of the snow-covered mountains in the northern Pyrenees. Craving culture? Head to the Alhambra in Granada for the amazing Moorish architecture, or for the art lovers out there, you can linger at the Prado in Madrid, or the Museu Picasso in Barcelona.

By now you’ve worked up quite an appetite, but you certainly won’t go hungry with Spain’s delicious cuisine, offering everything from a tasty tortilla española (traditional potato omelet) to a full seafood feast (the paella is amazing). Or we can sample some tapas, a delectable array of small appetizers often eaten instead of a large evening meal. As we enjoy our lunch under a cool umbrella at a café, we look out into the plaza and watch the fashionable women passing by, admiring their chic, totally on-trend outfits.

It is this mix of the old world and the new that makes the country so exciting, and Spain Barbie® Doll embodies that same spirit. She’s dressed to perform a traditional flamenco dance, which dates back to 18th century Andalusia and requires very fast, very precise footwork. Of course, Barbie doll is more than up to the task, wearing an elegant update of the classic costume.

Her gleaming dark hair pulled back, this pretty performer takes center stage in figure-hugging black and white polka dots accented with elaborate red ruffles. Black strappy shoes and dramatic dangling earrings are the only accessories she needs, while a classic peineta comb adds the perfect traditional touch.

Whether you're planning a visit, remembering a past trip, or simply want to add a touch of Spanish style to your collection, Spain Barbie® Doll is a magnificent must-have. She’s currently available in the online shop, along with fellow fashionable world representatives Philippines Barbie® Doll and France Barbie® Doll.

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