June 12, 2013

Sun, Surf & Style - Trina Turk Shares Her Inspiration

Los Angeles-based designer Trina Turk brings her bold, colorful style to the new Malibu Barbie® by Trina Turk Collection. “Barbie is an icon of style,” says Trina, “and I’m really excited to collaborate on this new version of Malibu Barbie.”

Trina knew immediately that her archival Malibu Gold pattern–with its playful hot pink, orange and turquoise swirls–would be perfect for Malibu Barbie doll’s clothing and accessories. Not only did Trina design for Malibu Barbie, but she also translated some of the doll-size designs into real-size designs for her Summer 2013 Collection!

The fashion forecast is bright with the Malibu Barbie® by Trina Turk Collection!


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