October 22, 2012

Thanks, Santa, But I Got it Online

By Tara Zucker

My heart skips a beat when I see him walking up to my door. I can’t control myself—I start to imagine various scenarios and all the joys that await. I conveniently forget any past failures, gripped with a certainty that this time everything will be perfect.

I throw the door open, startling him a little with my enthusiasm, but he quickly recovers and smiles. “Delivery,” he says, and hands me a large box.

We’re old friends, the delivery guy and me. He’s already been to my house two times this week.

Hello, my name is Tara, and I’m an online shopper.

Oh, “submit order” button, how do I love thee? A lot. I love thee a lot. Look, if I’m watching “Twilight” on basic cable and decide I simply must own a pair of sneakers exactly like the ones Bella wears, it’s no problem. I can search, locate, and click “submit order” during the commercial break, and thanks to express one-day shipping those beauties will be on my feet a day later. I can complete the entire shopping process from start to finish, soup to nuts, from the comfort of my very own living room. In fact, I could even order soup and nuts from any number of gourmet sites and be snacking on them while I watch the wedding in “Breaking Dawn: Part 1.”

Although it’s possible to order anything online from a television to a telescope, usually I’m looking for shoes, clothing, bags, makeup, scarves, belts, and books (because I’m not completely shallow). (Okay, yes, it’s mostly shoes.)

I’m the first to admit I have a bit of a trigger finger when it comes to online shopping, particularly for the holidays, but why not? Why should I hassle with driving, parking, crowds, and dressing room mirrors that lie? When I see exactly what I want online, I jump on it. And then I wait for my special friend, the delivery guy, to appear at my door, treasures in hand. The shopping world is my oyster, and I’m plucking out as many gems as I can find! Hmmm… gems… I could really use a new necklace. Excuse me—I’ve got a virtual shopping cart to fill!

We’ve got great news for Barbie shoppers! The 2012 Holiday Catalog debuted on 10/11, with free standard shipping on orders $75 or more through 10/29! Get a jump on your gift shopping… and don’t forget to treat yourself to something special, too!

Tara Zucker's humor about collectibles, fashion, and home decor have been featured on a variety of online portals. She also creates content for clients ranging from rock bands to authors at Post Haste Media. "Growing up, I always had some off-brand fashion doll. Now that I write about the real thing, I've proved it's never too late to have a happy childhood!"

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