April 1, 2011

Verushka Barbie® Doll: Exotic, Alluring, And Of The Moment!

As the Trans-Siberian train rolls to a stop in St. Petersburg amidst steam, smoke, and a crowd of onlookers huddling together for warmth in the chilly air, one woman disembarks, setting a stiletto-heeled black boot onto the train platform. Heads turn while conversations hush. As her second heel hits the platform, all eyes fixate on this elegant beauty.

From head to toe, she's draped in luxurious fabrics and textures. Perfectly straight platinum blonde hair peeks out from underneath her faux fur-lined Ushanka. A sparkle knit top and shiny black vinyl mini skirt make bold fashion statements underneath her “fur” trimmed coat with silvery accents. Black stockings and stylish buckle boots complete the look.

So who is this mystery woman?

She's Verushka Barbie® doll. Embodying the beauty and style of a Russian supermodel, she walks the train platform like she would a fashion runway. Poised and purposeful with every stride.

Is she here for a fashion show? A day of shopping? To meet a friend? Only time will tell.

As she walks into the distance, fading from view, eyes stay focused on her disappearing figure, still whispering about her beauty, her inimitable style, and where she might be headed.

Designer Robert Best describes this elegant beauty as “exotic, alluring, and of the moment.” What three words would you use to describe her? Post your comments here.

Ready to add Verushka Barbie® doll to your collection? She's available now in the online shop .

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