March 1, 2011

What Would Barbie Wear To Ken’s Big Birthday Bash?

On March 11, 2011, Ken® celebrates his 50th anniversary as Barbie’s original boyfriend.

In honor of the big day, Barbie® is a dazzling party hostess! Wrapped up in an eye-catching ensemble that pays tribute to Ken’s signature style, she wears a cyan blue dress with plaid bodice (reminiscent of his sweater vests), dramatic earrings and a bow at her waist (like his classic bow ties). Barbie also comes with a gift box tagged for her favorite guy, Ken!

We recently caught up with designer Linda Kyaw, who gave us some fun doll dish on Happy Birthday®, Ken® Barbie® doll.

According to Linda, “This doll was all about finding the right mood and asking the right questions: What would Barbie wear to Ken’s big bash? What would she bring as a present?”

And so Linda set about creating the perfect tribute to Ken.

“Because she’s such a fashionista, Barbie wanted to wear the most glamorous and modern gown she owned, inspired by Ken’s signature color: Cyan. And of course, her dress features adorable details like his signature plaid delicately placed on her organza bodice, perfectly tied with a ribbon around her waist. That same ribbon is used to tie that perfect giftbox Barbie has for Ken. I wanted to bring signature Ken in every way possible to this doll.”

Mission accomplished!

How will YOU celebrate Ken’s big birthday? Post your party plans here!

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