September 30, 2011

Wrapped Up in Scarves

by Matt Stevens
Photos by James Williams

I am obsessed with collecting scarves. Despite living in sunny Southern California, I keep buying more!

Why this unabashed affection for a toasty neck wrap? Because a scarf is the perfect accessory. It dresses up any outfit, never goes out of fashion, and — thanks to the recent trend of lighter summer scarves — can be sported year-round. Plus, unlike a necktie, a scarf can be worn several ways: Draped, looped, layered, knotted, or elegantly tossed over one shoulder!

A scarf doesn’t just provide warmth and style — it can literally wrap you in memories of a time, place, or person. After years of suffering ugly, acrylic hand-me-downs, I purchased my first scarf in the early ’80s, at the height of the preppy craze, and still wear it 30 years later. That classic Bert Pulitzer wool scarf, checkered with tans and browns, will forever remind me of freshman year at college, my dormmate, and chilly hikes across the hilly Kentucky campus.

Bigger was better when it came to ’80s styles, and my scarf collection totally kept up! I added popular paisley, argyle, and tartan prints, which looked rad with raglan-sleeve jackets and color-splashed sweaters. Today, awesome ’80s fashions are making a major comeback — and so are my vintage scarves, on days I dress with a retro edge.

When I travel, scarves are the souvenirs I bring home. I returned from Paris with a powder-blue cashmere pashmina and from Nova Scotia with earth-toned angora. Noticing my growing obsession, loved ones have gifted me several; a friend even knitted a scarf for my birthday.

At this point, I don’t count how many I own. As if they were children, I won’t name favorites or give any away. Because all my scarves are special, they each have a special place— though for the ones I’m too embarrassed to wear, that place is the back of my closet.

Love scarves? Tell us about it! Want to start your own collection? Check out the Barbie Silk Scarf, Newspaper Print Scarf, and Script Scarf.

Matt Stevens is a twice-published author and sold screenwriter who specializes in movies and pop culture. A former producer for E! Entertainment Television, he now writes about film for their website, E! Online, and contributes to numerous new-media outlets. Since his first games-writing gig for, Matt has been tickled pink to work on and before joining the BC blogger team.

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