April 3, 2013

Wrapping Up Barbie Doll’s Birthday!

Join Hot Off the Barbie Press at the end of Barbie doll’s birthday month! Here’s one last wrap-up of Barbie birthday coverage, with pictures and details about Barbie doll through the years.

Barbie and the Iconic Doll Through the Years
ABCNews.com, 3/1/13
From the red carpet to the runway, Barbie receives an upgrade into the digital age with a touchscreen dress. The dress uses the latest LED technology and the animated designs are customizable.

This Week in L.A. History: Barbie Is Born
Rachel Aragon, Los Angeles Magazine, 3/4/13
“Since her conception, Barbie has enjoyed a lifetime of careers, luxury cars, vacation homes—and of course—designer clothes…”

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