March 13, 2012

You Can Dance!

By Chris Varaste

In a previous post, I recalled my attempts to sing in preparation for our high school musical Guys and Dolls. Naturally, I also needed to learn some nifty dance routines courtesy of Ms. Greene, the director/choreographer. So, in addition to stretching my already strained vocal chords, I tried to coordinate two left feet while she breathed fire every time I took a false step.

Chris V Dances

After a week of rehearsals, I thought, I wish I’d stayed home and stuck to crossword puzzles! As a result, I have great respect for anyone who strives for dance hall glory. No show demonstrates those anguished paces better than the reality hit Dancing with the Stars — where the pros meet the so-sos! 

Whether teaching the sultry samba, the passionate paso doble or the sublime Viennese waltz, the masters bear the task of transforming amateurs before a national audience. Since I was hardly a quick study in the same arena, I can't help but root for most, if not all, of the contenders.

For Season 14, the DWTS cast has been revealed, and the stage is set with twelve celebs vying for a shot at the prized Mirror Ball trophy. This season, as icing on the cake, Barbie® pays a special tribute to the show and its countless fans with a collection that celebrates three of the art form’s most popular dances —how’s that for dance fever?

When I look back at my own foray into the world of dance, I can't help but laugh. Poor Ms. Greene had her work cut out for her, but she knew what she was doing. Thanks to her I can dance! ’Scuse me while I dig up those old dancing shoes!

Disco, tango, breakdancing or dubstep — everyone’s got some killer moves — what are some of yours? 


Chris Varaste started out at ABC-TV, producing segments for the Emmys, Tonys & Grammys. A fascination with fashion and pop culture led to his first published book, Barbie: Face of the American Dream – and an appreciation for all things Barbie! His insights on collectibles/brand success have been published in the New York Times, The Economist, and Spotlight Cinema Networks.

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