April 1, 2014

Zuhair Murad Barbie® Doll Steps Onto the Red Carpet in Stunning Strapless Style

There comes a time in a performer’s career when everything changes. It typically occurs at a huge event, and usually involves walking down a red carpet. Although that walk may only be a few feet, it represents years of hard work, training, and dreaming. This special moment almost always happens in an extraordinary dress, and these days that dress is often designed by Zuhair Murad.

We may not have many modern day queens, but we do have our movie monarchs and our pop princesses. The red carpet is where our empresses of entertainment put on their finery and jewels and parade before us, their adoring subjects. It makes perfect sense that so many rising young stars turn to Zuhair Murad’s dazzling designs; his gowns possess that “wow” factor that says they’re stepping into their rightful role as entertainment royalty.

The Zuhair Murad Barbie® doll is having that kind of over-the-top, stop-the-presses moment. She steps into the spotlight wearing a stunning strapless gown with a dramatic, striped geometric design. Her blonde updo and sparkling accessories recall a type of Hollywood glamor that is both familiar yet utterly modern. All eyes turn toward her, the flashbulbs explode, and that moment has arrived. It’s her turn to shine!

Murad’s gowns often feature embellishments such as shimmering sequins, metallics, and intricate beading, and he’s known for his curve-hugging body-conscious designs. These are red-carpet-worthy gowns that signal supreme confidence. These are gowns that turn the obligatory, “Who are you wearing?” moment into an “OMG, you look amazing and everyone else can go home because no one else even exists on the red carpet right now.”

Experience the thrill of the red carpet with Zuhair Murad Barbie® Doll, available now in our online shop. Young, confident and utterly dazzling, she’s the embodiment of glamour as she steps into her rightful role as dazzling diva!

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