Bright Team for the Travel Scene #9744

No Longer Available From Mattel
Release Date: 1/1/1977
Product Code: 9744

Ken® wore elastic-back navy slacks stitched in red, a blue tricot scarf, socks, and a jacket with a red knit shawl collar. The jacket shown is a ribbed knit with woven-in design. It has a red vinyl belt that has a square red buckle. Another version of the jacket (not shown) has a much smaller ribbed collar and a design that was printed onto a woven fabric. It had a red vinyl belt with a square navy buckle. Accessories were brown shoes, a Mattel map, a “hamburger”, and a white bottle (molded of white plastic). It coordinated with Barbie® doll’s #9742 Get-Ups ‘N Go and Skipper® doll’s #9748 Get-Ups ‘N Go sets.

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