Sleepytime Gal Barbie® Doll

Original Price
No Longer Available From Mattel
Release Date: 5/1/2007
Product Code: K7938
No more than 5800 units produced worldwide.

Ready to turn in for the night, this reproduction Sleepytime Gal Barbie® doll wears a lovely re-creation of the 1966 fashion #1674. Housed in a wonderful tribute to the vintage Barbie® Dream House, this fun set includes reproductions inspired by the original accessories: pink open toe mules with blue pompoms, a comb and brush set, retro hair rollers, bobby pins, and a “book” — all essential items for some much-needed R&R! In the closet hangs another reproduction outfit, inspired by 1965’s Fashion Editor #1635. The turquoise dress features a printed, glittery bodice, and has a matching jacket with green satin trim. A pillbox hat and spike pumps are the final stylish touches for our editrix extraordinaire. Just goes to show: a high-powered fashion editor would never go without her requisite beauty sleep!

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