Spirit of the Sky Barbie® Doll

No Longer Available From Mattel
Release Date: 5/1/2003
Product Code: B2367

Spirit of the Sky Barbie® doll captures the powerful magic and proud heritage of a Native American woman. She wears a two-piece white ensemble. Her top has a single horse on the front and a pattern of different colors around the neck and midriff. Shirt and skirt are adorned with tan ""suede"" fringe. Her coordinating skirt is tied with a black belt. She wears matching tan "suede" boots with matching trim that adorns her blouse. Barbie® doll's hair is styled into 2 long, thick braids, each held in place with silvery accessories. She also has 3 feathers in her hair. Finally she wears a dramatic necklace that completes her Native American look.

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