Wind Rider Barbie® doll

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Inspired by the spirit of the Native American world and the glory of the eagle, Wind Rider Barbie® doll represents a woman who walks reverently through sacred land full of ancestral wisdom. At one with Mother Earth, the woman passes under Father Sky as part of the circle of life imbued with the majestic Native American heritage as beautiful as a dream.

Wind Rider Barbie® doll wears a costume designed exclusively for the ModelMuse doll body, created by designer Sharon Zuckerman. The magnificent dress of faux suede is embellished with iridescent sequins, beads, and feathers. The tall, faux suede boots are beautifully beaded, too! The faux suede cape, lushly lined with feathers, and feathered hair decoration pay homage to the spirit of the noble eagle. Finally, dream catcher earrings speak to the mystery of Native American life.

No more than 5,400 units produced worldwide.

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